Meet our team of physical and occupational therapists.

All our therapists have advanced degrees and over 150 years of experience collectively.

Every in-home therapy session is one-on-one with your physical or occupational therapist.

The STEP UP Physical and Occupational Therapy Team

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  • Katherine Deines – PT, DPT, NCS Owner, STEP UP Physical Therapy

    Doctor of Physical Therapy: 2006, University of Puget Sound

    Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy: 2001, University of Puget Sound

    Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation: 2002, Emory University

    Neurological Clinical Specialist: 2007, with re-certification in 2017

    “Working with patients one-on-one in their homes allows for highly effective physical therapy. I am able to learn so much about my patients and their unique challenges by seeing them in their home environment vs in a clinic setting. Treating those with dizziness and neurological impairments has been my passion for close to 20 years.”

  • Eric Deines – PT, DPT, CSCS Owner, STEP UP Physical Therapy

    Doctor of Physical Therapy: 2006, University of Puget Sound

    Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy: 2001, University of Puget Sound

    Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: since 2001

    Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science: 1998, University of Puget Sound

    “I work hard to provide a very individual, specific approach to treating patients with varying complexities of diagnoses. The ultimate goal is to optimize their desired level of function and to prevent re-injury.”

  • Kim Aseltine – PT, MSPT

    Master of Science in Physical Therapy: 1996, Regis University

    Bachelor of Arts in Biology: 1993, Colgate University

    Certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling: October 2012

    “The key to a safe, fast recovery is patient education. The more patients know about how to manage their injuries, the quicker they will get back to an active lifestyle – enjoyable work or retirement, leisure and sports participation. I love being able to treat my patients in their homes, it allows me to better help them meet their individual goals. With each one-on-one PT session lasting an hour, we can get A LOT accomplished!”

  • Megan Schmitz – PT, DPT
    Megan Schmitz – PT, DPT

    Doctor of Physical Therapy: 2013, Ohio University

    Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Physical Therapy: 2010, University of Dayton

    Certified in LSVT BIG Rehabilitation: since 2016

    Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) certified therapist: 2024

    “I love to challenge my patients to do more than they realize they are capable of doing. With each patient I make it a priority to focus on their goals for recovery and maximizing their functional mobility to be as active as possible.”

  • Claire Cronenweth – PT, DPT, NCS
    Claire Cronenweth – PT, DPT, NCS

    Doctor of Physical Therapy: 2017, University of Southern California

    Bachelor of Science in Natural Science: 2014, Loyola Marymount University

    Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist: 2020

    Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship: 2019

    Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) Certified Therapist: 2016

    “My goal is that my patients are able to learn a lot from our sessions and their individualized exercise prescription so that they can manage their condition long term and can truly continue doing what they love the most. I am a true believer in utilizing the principles of motor learning to establish lasting and long-term benefits for each one of my patients, while also making their physical therapy experience fun and enjoyable.”

  • Margy Krick Fenn – MS, PT
    Margy Krick Fenn – MS, PT

    Master of Science in Physical Therapy: 1987, Krannert Graduate School of Physical Therapy at University of Indianapolis

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Life Sciences: 1985, University of Nebraska

    Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation: 2004, Emory University

    Certified in LSVT BIG Rehabilitation for Parkinson’s: 2013 with recertification every 2 years

    “I love what I do in physical therapy! To me, physical therapy is a science and an art, blending those to help each person meet his or her goals. Being able to share information with my clients is one of my favorite parts of this career. I am inspired by the clients I meet as they push through difficult diagnoses and continue to live their lives.”

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